AFRICA RISING : A Survey of Korea-Africa Bilateral Interactions

(Paper presented at the Open Lecture, Busan Foundation of International Activities (BFIA))

By B.K. Kamary

africarisingThe narrative of “Africa rising” vis-à-vis the West’s (Europe and USA) involvement in Africa and the recent ‘aggressive’ entry of the People’s Republic of China to the continent has elicited both tribute and controversies. The West-China politico-economic ties with Africa continue to impact Africa in diverse ways.

Africa’s relationship with developed nations has often been laced with overbearing political influence and related economic interests as ‘superpower’ nations seek to maintain or earn prominent voice on global matters. In spite of cravings for Africa’s resources and reconnaissance for new markets by the so called development partners, Africa has been making Continue reading

KCK Newsletter is Back! Read online here…

Untitled-5After a shot hiatus, KCK’s quarterly newsletter, Jambo Kenya Korea, is back!

Read the newsletter here Jambo Kenya Korea Spring 2014

KCK wishes to thank the Communication Committee and all who contributed to the success of bringing this publication back to readers. Your continued support is highly appreciated.

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Meanwhile articles for the Summer Edition 2014 will be received as from June 1st, 2014.

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KCK Annual General Meeting and the Goodies for All

AGM is a very important event in the calendar of KCK which is engraved in the constitution; the document that guides all members of this community. KPBA members were among the Kenyans who enjoyed the hospitality of our host ‘Bethany Methodist Church’ in Dearim, Seoul.

The warm reception to the delicious lunch and snacks provided just melted every attendee’s heart in a very special way. Thank you so much Pastor Jackson Ngari and your Senior Pastor. The gifts were pleasing, too. KCK members together with the friends of KCK gathered to listen to inspiring annual reports and speeches from speakers whom graced the occasion. KPBA was well represented led by the Chairman and the Secretary General and many other valuable members. A presentation on the developments made since the formation of KPBA was given by the Secretary, Mr. Mark Rotich and later expounded on by Continue reading

They came to maim Kenyans but instead heroes emerged

The Somalia-based Al-shabab militia group and Somalia pirates are not new to Korea and certainly familiar to any country that has borne the pains of abductions, loss of life and property, or disrupted trade routes. It was just last December when Somali pirates released four Korean seamen they had held for 19 months; mind you a ransom had to be paid. In our archives we have some indescribable stories about terrorism but those are for another day.

The recent terror attack in Nairobi’s Westgate Mall in which about 70 people died and more than a hundred injured is still fresh in our thoughts. Yes, agonizingly vivid. May the bereaved families will find immediate solace at this time of grief.

Without a shred of doubt, the Westgate attack was one of the most brutal acts against a population. How could they kill children, pregnant women and guiltless lives? Kenyans hearts are chockfull with many questions and our thoughts laced with sundry reflections to ponder.

But there is counter story. While watching the happenings of the Westgate Mall miles away in Korea, I was supposed to feel stranded, helpless and wasted. Allow me to confess that yes, I felt that way at some point. You see, I am a trained first-aider and a certified fire rescuer but all these vestments were comfortably lazed within me miles away. I should have been angrier were it not for the inspiration of my fellow countrymen and women. Kenyans and foreigners alike defied their political, religious, social class and race barricades to offer a hand for the love of life. Now that is heroism.

Again, the reports that Kenya Red Cross had to turn away people who had come to donate blood Continue reading

Jambo Kenya Korea Newsletter (Summer Edition) Published

July-SeptKenya Community in Korea (KCK) has published its quarterly newsletter, Jambo Kenya Korea.

Read the newsletter here Jambo Kenya Korea Summer Edition 2013 July-September

KCK wishes to thank the Communication Committee and all who contributed to the success of this publication so far. Your continues support is highly appreciated. We call upon anyone who is good in layout design to contact soon.

This Summer Edition 2013 marks the end of an era for the founding Managing Editor (and Layout Design Editor), B. K. Kamary. We wish him well as he completes his stay in Korea.

Together we stand.

Six Kenyan students awarded scholarship

단체사진1 (1)The Woojung Education and Culture Foundation, founded by construction-based conglomerate Booyoung Group, conferred its biannual scholarship totaling 400 million won ($370,000) to students from Asian and African nations. Among the receipients were six Kenyans (three undergraduate, two masters and one doctorate). This is the first time that African students (Kenyans and Ghanians) were considered for the special scholarships.

In the conferment ceremony on February 18th took place at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry where 100 students each received 4 million won for the spring semester tuition fees, according to company officials. The event was attended by Booyoung chairman Lee Joong-keun, former Prime Minister Han Seung-soo, and ambassadors of the beneficiaries’ countries.

Since starting its scholarship program in 2010, the foundation has so far offered financial support to 179 students from Southeast Asian states. This year, it increased the number of applicable countries to 12: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Sri Lanka, East Timor, Fiji, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Myanmar in addition to Kenya and Ghana. The Kenyan Ambassador Mr. Ngovi Kitau and Embassy Officials were also in attendance. Initially, the Kenya Embassy had recommend a total 27 names to Woojong Foundation from which the six finalists were reached.

Scholarships offered by Government of the Republic of Korea for Year 2013

307875_10150295499857698_5458080_nScholarships offered by Government of the Republic of Korea for Year 2013 / 2013

Republic of Kenya
Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology
Government of the Republic of Korea
Scholarships for Year 2013 / 2013
The Government of the Republic of Korea is offering two (2) full scholarships to Kenyans for undergraduate for the             2013/2013       academic year.
The Areas of study are in the field of Engineering, Sciences, Technology and Medicine.
Applicants must meet the following conditions:
  1. Minimum KCSE Mean Grade of B (plain).
  2. Not more than 25 years of age by March, 2013.
  3. Strong grades on the major subjects that are key to the specialty preferred
  4. Completed Secondary Education in the last three (3) years.
  5. Has KCSE Continue reading

Madam President you won’t snub Africa, will you?


Ms. Park Guen Hye, President of South Korea

Dear Madam President. Receive my heartfelt felicitations for seollal, the lunar new year. If it is in order, allow me to commend you on your election.

Now to my point. Madam President, you’re commencing your executive journey on the right footing. I mean the safeguarding of vital links with the key political and trade allies. Indeed Beijing and Washington remain dominant in the contemporary geopolitical realm. Others like Tokyo, Pyongyang and EU’s main office, Brussels, are undeniably imperative depending on the attitude they bear.

But Madam President, I wish to plead the case of Africa. This time, let’s forget the ‘begging bowl’ images of 80s and 90s. Africa is rising, and seriously so.

Admittedly, the West tried doling out aid for decades but look where Africa stood – stuck in a socio-political and economic quagmire. But that was then. So what has changed? I say the attitude; purely, the attitude, Madam, President. You see, with comprehensive structures for transparent trade and innovations, African business executives, literati, politicians and even farmers can now catch their own fish – affirmatively, they got the intellect, the vision, the passion. The younger generation now possesses a kind of drive that birthed saemaul undong, Continue reading

KCK 2012 Election Results

307875_10150295499857698_5458080_nDear Kenyans,

The KCK Election Board, would like to announce the results of the KCK Election. Any clarification should be channeled in writing to the KCK Election board as per the KCK constitution, between today Dec.10th, 2012 to Dec. 12th 12:30AM; through the KCK Election Board Email account:


Thank you.
Chairman, KCK Elections Board 2012.